Wooden Plaque

Buy Engraved Wooden Plaque Online in India at Greetstore

Buy wooden plaque that is deeply engraved with your picture and rambling. You can choose our particular products based on their various shapes like heart, square, rectangle. We have provided a variety of custom engraved plaques for individuals for the purpose of decorate their home in their own way.  We also have included engravings on wooden clocks which can be used as a hanger or a stand on table in your home. The probability and combinations with our products are only limited by your imagination.

Engraving is not an easy process when done with hands; we have the vendors who can be able to engrave it within 3-4 hours with that accuracy which you can expect through a smith. We dispatch engraved wood as soon as it get engraved and take into account the protection of the wooden plaque gifts while delivering. We also have the engraved name plates that can also be engraved with your photo and names. You can try this as prices are lower compared to other ones. This will definitely make your door soothing whenever someone come and see your names on it.

How photos or contents of customers processed on wooden signs before engraving?

The foremost question that every customer wanted to know is that how we process the images and other contents sent by them on email or upload directly on website for wood craft signs? We do take that much of care about your photos and contents so that integrity can be maintained while processing wooden sign boards. We assure you that you never ever find a single difference between your picture and content after engraving on wall plaques expect your image is of lower quality. We suggest you to upload or send images of hd quality or whatever considered as high quality above 800 X 800 pixels for good quality engraved wooden photo plaque. Engraved plaques are more than just a gift if it is made with love and individual’s message or contents on it.

Consider an engraved wooden clock that have a flower behind clock object. This is a critical task if you request to change the design of flower to something else as clock placement is fixed and we need to adjust the design behind it. While designing a name plaques for engraving we make sure that design should be place exactly in between the prescribed space so that images will be clear and not been cropped while engraving a commemorative plaque. Check out t shirts for men & Home decoration and start shopping engraved to empower your daily booster for the life and receive quality that will guarantee satisfaction.

personalised wooden plaques made in India at Greetstore

Almost all wooden engraved gifts are made in the India from a variety of manufacturers and printers in the Kolkata, West Bengal that makes it the upmost choice for giving an award plaques.  It is our principle duty to make possible to deliver the highest standard personalised wooden gifts from your neighborhood.  Any issues after delivery or before delivery can be handled by us as the foremost priority since we understand the gifting intension of the customers. As a result of the distributed systems of engraved wooden plaque gifts in all over India, this helps us keep wooden products in stock level whenever we receive a bulk orders that one vendor cannot be able to fulfill, we can attain your trophies and plaques order rapidly and efficiently.

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