With Greetstore - you can bring your imagination into products.

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We aim to provide technology that can help people to redesign the products using thier own imagination. To provide every unique product available in the world at your doorstep with your personal touch as you desired.

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greetstore vision


"Greetstore's responsibility is to make life more fun loving. Our vision is to empower people to make anything imaginable; to build an environment where people can find and discover their creativity that will help them to shape their own world."

  • Reliable and User Friendly Product Designer with lots of options to put your imagination without hazzle.
  • Easy Image upload feature in case you have a design, also powered with a chat feature to resolve any queries you have regarding the process or the product.
  • Secured payment gateway with various options like Wallets, Debit/Credit Card, Internet banking and EMI.
  • Extraordinary focus on customer satisfaction and pay after negotiation option with no quality compromise. Ease of ordering 24*7 online
why choose greetstore



Greetstore was found when we realized that we are not able to get the products the way we desired it, rather we had comprimise on the products the way it is. We thrive for those community who believe in freedom of expression not only in their lives but also on the products they use.